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Thanks for visiting us. Ours is the most-modern Web -store of Industrial Supplies. This Web-Store is created with a view to meet the needs & expectations of new age industrial sourcing requirements.

At e-store of Industrial Pipiing Supplies, we are committed to Customer Delight.

This is a Web Store

We specialize, primarily, in the fields of Pipes , Pipe Fittings , Flanges , Valves etc. The supplies here are the fastest & highly reliable, covering most extensive range of the products in the field of Industrial supplies.

Our Web-store , with the most modern web based applications you get the most wonderful buying experience for your industrial sourcing requirements.

Most importantly , you are assisted in making the correct choice by filtering to the product most suitable to your specific requirement.

All this, at the click of a mouse , at the time & place convenient to you, without any communication gap and processing delays . We invite you to make use of the benefits of the On-line Shopping experience with Excellent technical support and personalized solutions.

11 Major advantages that you have while working with us:-

  • Secure and convenient Web-store where all the technical details are available.
  • Customized Customer solutions by Filtering and reaching to the desired product.
  • Excellent Customer support.
  • Online quotations
  • On line ordering
  • Remote Access to the processing of your order at the time & place convenient to you.

Sure , we are going to change the way the Industrial Sourcing happens . This Web-store is the combination of the convenience of Web based shopping and technical expertise generated by years of experience of industrial supplies.

We welcome the suggestions to improve our services and make it more convenient and useful for you. Please write to us at [email protected]

Our Corporate Values

    1.  Working with the Team Spirit
    2.  Leadership by Example
    3.  Integrity and Transparency
    4.  Fairness
    5.  Honesty
    6.  Pursuit of Excellence
    7.  Courtesy towards our clients, employees , vendors and society at large

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